Warminster dent repair

What if I am not Happy with the Auto Body Repair Work?

Nothing is more disappointing than when you get your vehicle back and you don’t like the outcome. Warminster dent repair work has to be precise and it has to look great in order for your vehicle to be to your satisfaction. If you aren’t happy with it, speak up. Don’t just accept the work and then cringe every time you see your vehicle.


Don’t be in a rush when you arrive to pick up your vehicle. Instead, take some time to look it over very well. Make sure that the body work is acceptable to you. Look at it both up close and at a distance. Inspect the entire vehicle too, not just where the work was done. This is to ensure that nothing additional was scratched or damaged while the Warminster dent repair shop had your vehicle.
If painting was part of the work done, look it over well too. Does the color match? Is the painted surface smooth and free of runs? Identifying any problems while you are still at the Warminster dent repair shop is going to save you time.

Speak Up

If you notice something that you aren’t happy with, speak up. Don’t be shy about talking to someone in charge at the auto body shop. Let them know what you aren’t happy with and what you would like to have done. Hopefully, they will agree to make those corrections and then you can get your car in a few days. Inspect it again when you come back before you drive off.

Problems Later

Keep a close eye on your vehicle in the days, weeks, and months after the auto body Warminster dent repair have been done. Do you notice any problems at all with how your vehicle runs, sounds it makes, or other issues. For example, does your door open and close roughly compared to how it used to? Maybe it just needs to be adjusted. Speak up about any such problems that you experience later on too. Keep an eye on the warranty time frame.

Write a Letter

If you report problems with your auto body repairs to the company and they fail to do anything about it, don’t let it go. Write a letter to them that specifically outlines the issue and why you think they should resolve it. Give them a certain period of time to get in touch with you to make things right. Most of the time, a credible business is going to take action and do what they can to remedy the situation.

Report to BBB

If they fail to do so, you can report to them to the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Such a complaint will be investigated, and that may be what it takes for the Warminster dent repair shop to make it right with you. Such information may prevent other potential customers from taking their vehicle to that same shop.

File a Civil Suit

If you believe that the auto body Warminster dent repair shop has been negligent, you can file a civil suit. You can sue them for the time involved with trying to get the issue resolved. You can also sue them for the money you paid to them. Include your filing fees, court fees, and other expenses too.