Here is your sports pick

Avoiding Sports Picks Scams
Nothing can guarantee that you will win with sports picks, but you do need to make sure you avoid scams. Otherwise, you are just tossing that money down the drain without any possibility of getting it back.
Large Amounts of Funding Required
Don’t work with any sports pick entity that requires you to have lots of funding in place. Those are often the ones that can result in a scam. They will get you to deposit that money and then they never are heard from again.
Charging too Much for Picks
If you buy picks, make sure you aren’t being charged over the top for them. You should compare the pricing with others that are offered. Sure, an entity that offers higher winning rates will likely charge you more. However, you need to be able to see first-hand that they have such a record so that you aren’t just paying them above and beyond what you should.
Methods of Payment Accepted
Watch out for scams that are a result of the way in which you can pay for your sports pick. If they won’t accept credit or debit cards, that is a red flag. They may tell you that by only accepting cash or Western Union, you don’t have to report your earnings as there won’t be a tracking of what you paid or what they paid you out in winnings.
However, this means that there is no record of that you ever gave them money for your sports pick. If you win, they will never be available. You will never get any money. They will take what you have wagered and it will vanish into thin air.
Can’t Answer Questions
Don’t wager with someone that can’t answer your questions about your sports pick. They should have answers that allow you to get all of your questions understood. They should be patient and they should be available. This is important so that you can feel comfortable about what you are about to wager your money with.
Fast Talker
With a sports pick scam, they aren’t going to want you to slow down and ask questions. They are going to be fast talking. They are going to try to give you the impression that if you don’t hurry and wager, you are going to miss out. They don’t want you to have time to think about it, they just want you to get that money and give it to them.
Never apologize for taking the time you need to really think about taking part in sports pick or not. Better to hold off than to pay that money and have regrets that you will never see your money again.
Too Good to be True
Watch out for those too good to be true options that are offered. While they may sound really enticing, they also mean that you are likely getting scammed. No one is able to guarantee that you will get the return that you want. They can’t guarantee with any certainty that your sports pick are going to win.