Forgot the DVR? No Worries as you can Watch TV Shows Online

Forgot the DVR? No Worries as you can Watch your Shows Online
Technology can be amazing, but only if you know how to use it to your advantage. I have a hard time with so many options in my house for watching shows. We have a DVR but I struggle with setting it up and using it. In fact, I have become so frustrated that I gave up. Yet my kids seem to be able to do it without a second thought!
I used to ask them to help me but they would laugh. They would set up the DVR but then I would have to wait until they were home to help me view the show too. The idea is for me to be able to watch the episodes I miss on TV while they are at school, at activities, or they are sleeping!
Now that I can watch my TV shows online, it isn’t a problem anymore. I have the sites where I watch them bookmarked. I just click on them, find the episode I want to watch, and sit back to enjoy. I can eliminate the commercials too and that saves me time. In this busy household, time is a commodity not to be wasted!
I hardly ever pay to watch the shows I want either. They are offered for free if you set up your account on certain sites. I also have an Amazon site and that is where I go to watch the episodes that I must pay for. You can buy an entire season of a show or just particular episodes that you have missed.
If you have an older computer, it is harder to enjoy watching TV episodes on your computer. You may need to change the resolution and the picture size in order to get the look you really want. You may decide it is time to upgrade your monitor to one that offers you more clarity.
I often watch tv shows online when my kids are at sports practice. I take my laptop and sit in the bleachers and watch. It doesn’t make sense to drive home and then come back an hour later for them. This has worked out well because it is time I am just sitting around with nothing to do anyway.
It is easy to see if the shows you wish to watch are found online. Type in the name of the show or the name of the episode. This will help you find what you wish to view in less time. Bookmark where you view too so that you can easily find it again later.
I may never figure out how to use the DVR, but I no longer worry about it. I have the technology I need at my fingertips that help me generate results. I love my TV shows and the characters in them. I want to be able to watch them too before I read spoilers online or read on Facebook about what took place. It is so simple to watch them online, and I know more and more people are doing so.