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As the former home to the imflattrd social network, we will be utilizing this website to keep our readers up to date on businesses that are making things happen.  We encourage you to write to us and let us know what you’d like to see on the I’m Flattrd Social News Network, so don’t be shy! We’ll try to feature the best articles we can every week, so stay tuned for exciting news from some very interesting businesses.


We are imflattrd.com and are the only news source across the internet searching and relaying important social media news. We are constantly seeking the best articles to post and share that relate to stock news, business agreements and even privacy policies that effect social media networks directly. We are so much more than just a news source and are exploring other ideas for what people want our of their social media networks. If you have interesting ideas always feel free to share and blog about them with others. Technology is constantly growing and will continue now that we have undeniable access. Now it is all on how we advance forward with it. Staying connected through social media networks seems like it would be easy. Read on imflattrd.com as your news site and see why people feel more disconnected than ever from the real world. In a world where speaking on the phone is something that do not even exist or a simple card to say happy birthday. Times are changing and some are not happy about it.

Explore what the world was like years ago and if you feel as if without technology, life was just simpler. We directly interview at imflattrd.com and bring reliable news to everyone about each opposing side. We do know one thing for sure; technology is here to stay and will forever continue to develop as the years go on. Are we ready to see what technology has in store for us? Some believe this is very exciting and will enable us to explore more in depth into the world as we know it. Others feel that with disconnect already being an issue that it will in turn destroy the world as we know it. Where do you stand? Tell us at imflattrd.com and explore the news of technology with us today!